Date: Sep 24, 2021
    Posted By: New Room

Prince Andrew has accepted service in the United States of a sexual assault lawsuit by a woman who said the Duke of York forced her to have sex with him at the London home of the late financier Jeffrey Epstein.

The prince and his accuser, Virginia Giuffre, have agreed that service was effective as of Sept. 21, according to a joint filing on Friday with the U.S. District Court in Manhattan.

Subject to court approval, Andrew would have until Oct. 29 to formally respond to the lawsuit.

Andrew has not waived his defenses against Giuffres claims, which he had previously categorically denied.

The agreement appears for now to end a monthlong effort by Andrews legal team, including lawyers in Britain, to block Giuffres lawsuit at the outset rather than have the 61-year-old prince defend against it.

Andrew Brettler, a Los Angeles-based lawyer for Andrew, declined to comment. Lawyers for Giuffre did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Giuffre, 38, accused Queen Elizabeth IIs second son in her Aug. 9 lawsuit of forcing her to have sex around two decades ago, when she was underage, at the London home of Epsteins longtime associate Ghislaine Maxwell.

She also said Andrew abused her at around the same time at Epsteins mansion in Manhattan and on Epsteins private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Andrew has not been charged with crimes.

His lawyers are seeking to review a 2009 settlement agreement from a lawsuit against Epstein in Florida, to determine whether it requires a dismissal of Giuffres case.

Giuffre is seeking unspecified damages.

Epstein, a registered sex offender, also had a home in Florida. He killed himself at age 66 in a Manhattan jail in August 2019 while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.

Giuffre sued Andrew under a 2019 New York law that gave survivors of childhood sexual abuse a since-closed two-year window to sue their alleged abusers over conduct occurring many years or decades earlier.

Maxwell faces a scheduled Nov. 29 trial in Manhattan on charges she helped recruit and groom underage girls for Epstein to abuse. She has pleaded not guilty.


    Date: Sep 24, 2021
    Posted By: New Room

The federal government has heard Albertas call for help in its struggle against the fourth wave of COVID-19 and it will respond, says a statement from Public Safety Minister Bill Blair. Blair confirmed that he had responded to a formal request for assistance from Municipal Affairs Minister Ric McIver, sent earlier this week.

We acknowledge the difficulties Alberta continues to face during this fourth wave in the ongoing fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, he wrote.

I recognize the significant, immediate challenges currently facing Albertans, and know the importance of ensuring support to your health care system. As such, I am pleased to officially confirm that the Government of Canada, will support the provincial governments recent request and provide the necessary support to Albertans during this difficult time.

Blairs office confirmed the support would include members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Officials with the CAF says those personnel will include nurses, pilots and crews to help transport patients as part of Operation LASER, the agencys response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

CAF aeromedical transportation coordination efforts are underway. This team – which is likely to include a command and control element, CAF air transport assets and aircrew, the Aeromedical Bio-containment Evacuation System, and associated CAF Health Services critical care staff – should be deployable within 24 hours. The deployment of ICU nurses could begin within 72 hours, said Andrew McKelvey, media relations with the Department of National Defence, in an email to CTV News.

The team will include up to eight ICU nurses.

CAF members have played a critical role in Canada’s whole-of-government response to COVID-19 since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, last year. CAF members remain ready to respond wherever and however they are needed to help our communities.

McIvers letter, which was released to the media on Tuesday, informed the federal government about the current situation facing the province in the fourth wave of COVID-19.

He asked Blair for assistance to relocate patients outside of Alberta for medical treatment as well as additional health care staff to support Alberta Health Services.

Federal assistance in these two areas has the potential to create significant relief to the healthcare system, McIver wrote.

Following news of the letter being sent to Blairs office, Albertas Official Opposition criticized the timing of the act.

Albertas frontline healthcare workers need all the help they can get as they struggle with the emergency created by the UCPs failure to act for months while this crisis escalated. I hope the federal government is able to provide resources to relieve some of this excruciating pressure, said David Shepherd, the Alberta NDPs health critic.


As the surge of the fourth wave continues, Alberta Health Services (AHS) says there are hundreds of patients being treated for COVID-19, including many with severe symptoms in the ICU.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, AHS CEO Dr. Verna Yiu said there are 310 patients in the ICU in Alberta, with 226 of those having COVID-19.

We have never ever had that number of total patients in the ICU before, never with the prior waves and never in the prior history of this province, she said.

Yesterday alone we had 22 Albertans admitted to our ICUs with COVID; the day before we had 23. Over the past five days the number of COVID ICU admissions have been over 23 per day. Its tragic that we are only able to keep pace with these numbers because, in part, some of our ICU patients have passed away. This reality has a deep and lasting impact on our ICU teams.

When it comes total capacity in the ICU, Yiu said its very fluid.

The capacity that I presented last week is very different from the capacity of this week and every day. The teams are working so hard to create additional capacity so that we actually dont have to move to the steps of out of province, or having to bring people into the province or, as a last resort that critical care triage, so there is no definitive number right now.

We are doing everything as I said to optimize and maximize capacity through different workforce models but also looking at using different spaces that we dont traditionally use.

According to the latest data from Alberta Health, there are 20,180 active cases in the province, with 1,058 in hospital.

More than 2,600 Albertans have died in connection with COVID-19.


    Date: Sep 24, 2021
    Posted By: New Room

The head of emergency medicine for the Alberta Medical Association, Dr. Paul Parks, says major components of triage have already begun in Alberta - an assertion disputed by the province. The dispute arose Friday as the Canadian Armed Forces prepared to bring in air transport and staff to deal with a COVID-19 crisis overwhelming Albertas hospitals.

The province has yet to formally invoke the triage policy, which would see doctors have to make on-the-spot decisions over who gets life-saving resources.

But Parks said it has become routine in hospitals in the last two weeks to have some critically ill patients - most of them unvaccinated COVID-19 cases - kept on main wards rather than in intensive care units on ventilators because they dont have the available intensive care ward staff.

Thats on top of previously announced mass cancellations of surgeries, along with patient transfers, as doctors balance medical needs with available space, he said.

“We already are in positions in many hospitals across Alberta where the doctors know that it would be best for this patient to be in ICU and be on a ventilator, but were not providing that option until they absolutely deteriorate to the point of crashing,” Parks said Friday.

“We already are implementing some of these things that are drastic, and we wish we never would have.

“People will suffer and will die by this.”

Alberta Health Services said in a statement: “We acknowledge that we are operating at a reduced standard of care, however, safety remains at the forefront of all decisions.

“Any patient who requires mechanical ventilation is currently able to receive it.”

Parks said its not at the point where doctors must make on-the-spot, life-and-death decisions. But he said thats not far away and, when it comes, the second stage of triage will follow quickly, including making those same decisions about children.

Alberta Health Services said triage will only be invoked if all efforts to increase intensive care capacity are exhausted.

There are 368 intensive care spaces with 304 patients, most of whom are critically ill with COVID-19, and most of them unvaccinated or partially vaccinated.

Alberta normally has 173 intensive care spaces but has been converting other spaces, including operating rooms, into ad hoc critical care wards to meet COVID-19 demand.

Alberta has more than 20,000 active COVID-19 cases and is seeing well over 1,000 new cases a day.

Dr. Verna Yiu, head of Alberta Health Services, said Thursday a key reason intensive care wards have not been overwhelmed is because enough COVID-19 patients are dying to free up bed space.

The number of COVID-19 deaths has been on the rise.

There were 29 fatalities reported Tuesday, 20 more Wednesday and 17 Thursday. More than 2,600 people have died in Alberta since the pandemic began.

Premier Jason Kenney has asked other provinces and the federal government for emergency aid.

Andrew McKelvey, a spokesman with the Department of National Defence, said Friday that they have been asked to provide up to eight intensive care nurses, along with air transport for patients to other health facilities in Canada.

The air transport should be ready to go in 24 hours and the nurses within 72 hours, said McKelvey.

Parks and other physicians, meanwhile, are urging Kenney to put in a “firebreak” to reverse the slew of new infections, starting with shutting down schools and banning mass gatherings, such as sports events.

“The (political) decision-makers upstream are not doing what they need to do to stop case transmission,” said Dr. Shazma Mithani, an Edmonton emergency room physician.

“We cant keep going like this. Health care and ICU capacity is a finite resource.

“The only way to stop the influx of patients into the hospitals is to stop the cases, and that has to happen with restrictions - and it is not happening.”

Dr. Tehseen Ladha, an Edmonton pediatrician, said it makes no sense for Alberta to ask for federal help while refusing to impose serious health restrictions, particularly as cases among children rise.

“This is the worst its ever been,” said Ladha. “Were seeing the rise in cases amongst the (age) five-to-11 group go up faster than any other age group. The curve is almost vertical.”

Dr. David Keegan, a Calgary family physician, said while critical cases grow, so does the collateral damage of thousands of delayed surgeries.

Keegan said one of his patients needs cancer surgery, but the operation has been delayed.

“It means by the time surgery happens you never know, (the cancer) may have spread,” he said.

“Suddenly we go from this person with an easily treatable removable cancer to it has spread and were into added-on chemotherapy and potentially radiation.”

Dr. Ilan Schwartz, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Alberta, said targeted public health measures and a vaccine passport may have worked a month ago.

But he said only a hard lockdown with a shutdown of schools and on-essential businesses can now stop the crisis at its source - high caseloads.

“Its absurd that we have (hospital) wards that are full, we are cancelling cancer surgeries, were calling for the military, were talking about transporting patients 3,000 kilometres in order for them to find an ICU bed and we still have society going on as if nothing is the matter.”


    Date: Sep 24, 2021
    Posted By: New Room

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says China has released detained Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor after Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou and U.S. Justice Department officials reached a deal to resolve the criminal charges against her and a B.C. judge discharged the extradition matter.

Speaking during a press conference late Friday night, Trudeau said Kovrig and Spavor boarded a plane in China at about 7:30 p.m. EDT with Canadas Ambassador to China Dominic Barton. He said the plane has since left Chinese airspace and theyre on the way home.

These two men have gone through an unbelievably difficult ordeal. For the past 1,000 days they have shown strife, perseverance, resilience, and grace -- and we are all inspired by that, Trudeau said.

I want to thank their families whove been there for them, supporting them in every way they could, and supporting in the work weve done to secure their release, he added.

Trudeau also thanked the countless Canadian diplomatic officials who have tirelessly worked over the past two and a half years to secure the release of Kovrig and Spavor, as well as the countrys allies who stood steadfast in solidarity with Canada.

Finally, I want to thank Canadians who have kept them in our thoughts and remain determined in the core value that Canadians have of standing up for each other and looking out for each other, Trudeau said. These two men have been through an unbelievably difficult situation, but it is inspiring, and it is good news for all of us that they are on their way home to their families.

The two Canadians have been in Chinese custody for 1,019 days on espionage charges that were largely viewed as a retaliatory response to Canada’s arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou on a U.S. warrant related to the company’s business dealings in Iran. However, China’s has consistently denied that the cases were in any way connected.

Both of the Canadians stood trial in China, and Spavor had been handed down an 11-year sentence, while Kovrig had yet to be sentenced before their release.

Earlier on Friday, a B.C. judge discharged the extradition matter against Meng after U.S. Justice Department officials reached a deal to resolve the criminal charges against her, allowing Meng, who has been at the centre of a years-long major geopolitical case, to enter into a deferred prosecution agreement and leave Canada, under certain terms.

Associate Chief Justice Heather Holmes signed the order of discharge in Mengs extradition case on Friday afternoon, allowing her to leave the country and ending the nearly three-year legal saga.

CTV News confirmed that Meng checked in at Vancouver International Airport and departed on a flight to China Friday evening.

Holmes thanked Meng for her behaviour during the hearing and released her from bail conditions.

Speaking outside the courthouse to reporters, Meng thanked Holmes for her fairness during the proceedings, as well as her lawyers, family and friends for helping her through this tough time.

I also appreciate the Crown for their professionalism, and the Canadian government for upholding the rule of law, Meng said. I’m also grateful to the Canadian people and media friends for your tolerance. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Over the past nearly three years, Meng said her life has been turned upside down.

It was a disruptive time for me as a mother, a wife, and a company executive. But it really was an invaluable experience in my life. I will never forget all the good wishes I’ve received from people around the world. As the saying goes, the greater the difficulty, the greater the growth, Meng said.

Meng -- who is the daughter of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei -- has been under house arrest in Vancouver since she was first taken into custody at Vancouver International Airport in December 2018 on a U.S. warrant related to the company’s business dealings in Iran.

Facing charges of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, bank fraud, and wire fraud, Meng has claimed her innocence throughout the process, and had been fighting the extradition through Canadian courts.

The discharge of the extradition matter comes after the Chinese telecom giant CFO appeared virtually in a New York courtroom Friday morning and pled not guilty to all charges and a U.S. judge signed off on a deferred prosecution agreement.

Meng made multiple material misrepresentations to a senior executive of a financial institution regarding Huawei’s business operations in Iran in an effort to preserve Huawei’s banking relationship with the financial institution… Meng’s admissions confirm the crux of the government’s allegations in the prosecution of this financial fraud, read the statement, which details at length the agreed statement of facts in the case.

The judge allowed the release of Meng on a personal recognizance bond, with the charges against her set to be dismissed pending good behaviour, as of Dec. 1, 2022, four years to the day when she was taken into custody at Vancouver International Airport in 2018.

“Meng also has agreed not to commit other federal, state or local crimes. If Meng breaches the agreement, she will be subject to prosecution of all the charges against her in the third superseding indictment filed in this case,” read the statement.

Following the ruling in B.C., Canadas Department of Justice issued a statement confirming that the U.S. had dropped its extradition request.

As a result, there is no basis for the extradition proceedings to continue and the Minister of Justice’s delegate has withdrawn the Authority to Proceed, ending the extradition proceedings. The judge released Meng Wanzhou from all of her bail conditions. Meng Wanzhou is free to leave Canada, the statement read.

The Department of Justice said Canada is a rule of law country and that Meng was afforded a fair process before the courts in accordance with Canadian law.

Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department’s National Security Division Mark J. Lesko said in a statement that the U.S. is enormously grateful to Canada’s Department of Justice for its dedicated work on this extradition and for its steadfast adherence to the rule of law.

Mengs lawyer said in a statement following the decision in the U.S. that he was “very pleased” with the deal reached.

“We fully expect the indictment will be dismissed with prejudice after fourteen months. Now, she will be free to return home to be with her family,” said William W. Taylor, III.

Canadian officials acting on the U.S. request to detained Meng inflamed diplomatic tensions between Canada and China in 2018, and over the years relations have been considerably strained, resulting in a series of trade actions, and a rallying of international allies in condemnation of China’s bucking of international rule of law.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had previously shot down suggestions that Canada should consider exchanging the two Canadians for Meng, citing the need for the matter to work its way through the legal system.

This came after a spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry suggested in 2020 that Canada halting its attempt to extradite Meng could affect the fates of Kovrig and Spavor, a departure from China’s consistent denials that the cases were related.


    Date: Sep 24, 2021
    Posted By: New Room

Saskatchewan reported its sixth day in a row of record high COVID-19 hospitalizations, while adding 528 new cases on Friday.

According to data on the province’s COVID-19 dashboard, 276 people are currently in hospital related to COVID-19, including 61 in intensive care.

Friday marks the sixth day in a row Saskatchewan has set a new record for total COVID-19 patients in hospital, and the second day in a row with a record high number of people in intensive care.

Five more residents have died after testing positive for COVID-19. The deaths were located in the North West (one), North Central (one), Regina (two) and South West zones.

One death was in the 40-59 age group, three were in the 60-79 age group and one was 80 years or older.

Of the 528 new cases, 426 are in unvaccinated people. Another 27 are in partially vaccinated residents and 75 are fully vaccinated. Of the unvaccinated new cases, 120 are in the 0-11 age group. Children under the age of 12 are not currently eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

The new cases are located in the Far North West (37), Far North East (18), North West (96), North Central (57), North East (16), Saskatoon (96), Central West (15), Central East (20), Regina (48), South West (28), South Central (32) and South East (34) zones. An additional 31 cases are pending residence information.

The seven-day average of daily new cases is 478, or 39.7 per 100,000 population.

Saskatchewan health care workers have administered 1,537,270 doses of COVID-19 vaccines – up 5,066 doses from Thursday’s update. There are 725,237 residents fully vaccinated.


    Date: Sep 24, 2021
    Posted By: New Room

QR codes are being temporarily removed from Saskatchewan COVID-19 vaccination records due a privacy breach.

The Government of Saskatchewan said the vaccination records of up to 19 residents have the potential to display another person’s QR code.

The province said one person’s information has been “erroneously captured” and has been contacted. The Office of the Information and Privacy Officer of Saskatchewan has been made aware of the issue.

“There have been three reports of people receiving that individual’s information within their QR code,” David Church, vice president of programs and technology at eHealth Saskatchewan, said Friday afternoon.

Proof of vaccination records have been made unavailable on the MySaskHealthRecord on Friday. Residents will be able to download or print their proof of vaccination record on Saturday, but the QR code will be absent.

“Citizens who have already printeddownloadedcaptured the QR code on their COVID-19 vaccination record between September 19-24, are asked to destroydelete any records with their COVID-19 QR code as the code will be made invalid,” the government said in a release.

The province added anyone who has noticed another person’s name associated with their QR code should contact eHealth Saskatchewan’s Privacy Officer at


    Date: Sep 24, 2021
    Posted By: New Room

A pair of Saskatchewan doctors say the province should share COVID-19 modelling data to help both physicians and residents prepare for what could be coming.

In a physician’s town hall Thursday evening, Dr. Susan Shaw, the Saskatchewan Health Authority’s chief medical officer, confirmed the modelling data is available, but is not being widely shared with doctors across the province as per a decision by the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Hassan Masri, an ICU physician in Saskatoon, said the ministry has made a “conscious decision” to withhold the data from health-care workers.

He added the modelling could indicate how long the current fourth wave would last and it could also help physicians consider what personnel are needed in the province’s ICUs as they run over baseline capacity, and how long they might be needed for.

With the current numbers available, Masri estimates the current wave could last eight to 10 weeks – if not into January – unless there’s a dramatic change with the current public health measures.

“I think it is quite disheartening to know that the modelling data is being kept away from the medical community and from the public,” he said.

Masri said modelling can also indicate how people need to change their behaviours to avoid a worst-case scenario.

“We should know what kind of a situation were in, and how we can get out of it.”

Dr. Nazeem Muhajarine, a University of Saskatchewan epidemiologist, said doctors are unable to put up a full fight against the COVID-19 pandemic when there’s a lack of transparency and communication.

“I think its really unconscionable. It erodes whatever modicum of trust there is, if theres any trust at all between frontline workers,” Muhajarine said.

“The least the government can do is to level with them, to meet with them where they are, and ask them how the government can help them do their work better.”

CTV News reached out to the Ministry of Health for comment, but did not receive a response before the stated deadline.


    Date: Sep 24, 2021
    Posted By: New Room

As Saskatchewans Missing Persons Week comes to a close, a high profile missing person in the United States is driving conversations around similar cases closer to home.

Gabby Petito, 22, went missing during a trip with her fiancé in Wyoming. The search captured the attention of social media and made headline news in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Dianne BigEagles daughter Danita went missing from Regina in 2007, she was 22 years old at the time. BigEagle said although her daughters situation is different from Petitos, increased attention could have made a difference.

I wouldve liked a lot of help like that, I wonder if I wouldve found her. Maybe. Maybe not, BigEagle said.

The FBI found Petitos body on Sunday, bringing her family an opportunity to move forward.

I’m happy for her family that they found her. I hope they get justice for her, thats all we want, you want justice for your daughter, BigEagle said.

According to data from the Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police, almost half of the provinces 133 long term missing people are Indigenous, despite Indigenous people only making up around 16 per cent of the provincial population in the 2016 census.

Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations Chief Bobby Cameron said it will take focused direction and efforts from both police forces and governments to listen to families still missing loved ones.

Whether they passed away or not, we need closure. Those families need closure. Those families need to heal. It’s a call out, let’s help them do that, Cameron said.

Rhonda Fiddler, the missing persons liason with the Regina Police Service, said social media has become a prominent tool in search efforts and encourages people to help by getting the word out when they can, with one thought in mind.

Share those posts and be kind with your comments because family members and loved ones are reading them and our words can hurt, Fiddler said.

You have to think about the families too, doesnt matter what nationality [Petito] was, shes still somebodys family, BigEagle said.

Common assumptions about reporting people missing include that a 24 or 48 hour waiting time exists or that it has to be reported by a family member of the missing. Fiddler emphasizes neither are true.

There is no wait time, if you’re concerned about your loved one, they’ve been out of contact and that’s out of character for them, definitely make a report, Fiddler said.


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